Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nak POPULaR tAk?

10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Popularity

This weekend, instead of resorting to the old standby of a movie rental and some microwave popcorn, spice up your social calendar with something new. Here are ten tips to fine-tune your "going-out" skills and--who knows--maybe even pump up your popularity!

1. Be in the Know

Grab a copy of your local entertainment newspaper or cityzine, or go online and get armed with an arsenal of cool weekend possibilities--live music, comedy shows, a hip new bistro. People who know what's up are more likely to engage others, so don't wait for someone else to tell you what the hot ticket in town is.

2. Remember Timing is Everything

Inviting someone to join you at the last minute can make them feel as if they're your last pick, or sloppy seconds. On the other hand, putting out an offer over a week in advance (for "casual" weekend plans) can seem needy. Walk a fine line and think about Tuesday or Wednesday as a good day to extend offers to your Plus Ones or posse.

3. Don't Flake

If you commit, commit. Acceptable excuses for canceling include severe illness in the family, a national emergency, or major car trouble. Rainy weather, sick pets, or better offers aren't going to get you off the hook but they may get you labeled a "flake."

4. Know Your Numbers

Seven doesn't equal nine. Show up on time. Some people seem to think that a half-hour late is fashionable. It's just rude! If you're one of those perennially late people, build in an extra fifteen or twenty minutes to your plans.

5. Give a Little

Be flexible on driving or making the meeting place in a mutually convenient location. Buy a round of drinks--it fosters community instead of constantly dividing up dollars. Someone else will return the favor and drive or buy next time.

6. Dodge Food Faux Pa

When choosing a restaurant, try not to burden friends with your special diet--whether you're vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, or fish-allergic, you know you can find something to eat most anywhere.

7. Mix & Mingle

If you're at a party or show, be independent but never abandon the person you came with. Part of the fun of going out is getting to know new people. But don't take it too far and bail the moment you meet a dreamy new guy or girl.

8. Know When to Quit

Be sensitive to the other person. Know when to call it a night. Too early and it can seem like you aren't enjoying yourself and too late and your friend may be falling asleep on the bar. Also note: rushing out of one event to get to another doesn't make you seem popular, it just makes you look like a bad planner.

9. Send Thanks

It's always nice to throw a text or email the next day acknowledging the good time had, assuming it was a good time:). And with all these new tips and tricks up your sleeve, how could a night out with you be anything but!

10. Read & Forget

In the end, be polite, aware, and do unto others... Aside from that, don't sweat about rules. Going out is supposed to be fun. If


AmirFX said...

Ahaaa.... Aku dh buat hmpir kesemuanya... Tq for the info Bro....

khairul onggon said...

Wahhh... kalau tutup blog kira jugak ker?? haha... good tips bro... :)

KhaLifah feDi said...

emm terima kasih..about that info

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

ayat no. 10 t'gantung...
if? ...

sutera putih said...


Shitsurei shimashita said...

k, pasni kita ramai2 afundi ko...hehehehe. hal lah!

hehehehehe...strategi & taktik penting wo! kembang kempis kempus..

sama2 kita exchange maklumat.

if u feel didn't fun by outing with ur friends, stay at home and sleep lalalala. or jajan solang2 lah.

sutera putih~
amik lah kita kasi kat awak tp camnenya?