Thursday, February 5, 2009

She said

"As for the Sultan in question, people are already hissing that perhaps UMNO or rather Najib (since it was said that this used to be Mahathir Mohamad’s style too), has got some secret file on the Sultan, and whatever affairs that could implicate him and his ‘kingdom’.

Well, kings and sultans have given up or compromised for less, can we blame him?

The PAS MB Nizar had been asked to resign if he does not vacate his seat. Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters of frog leaping would now have to swallow the bitter pill. It would have happenned the same way if Anwar had managed to get the 30 odd MPs to cross over prior to September 16.

But let us just imagine if this kind of situation continues to happen. Everytime frogs jump, change of government.

Oh dear, it would really be sad for the people. What work can the government do for the people when all it is interested in is ‘baiting’ for frogs to jump?

I did say time and again, if people are looking up to the rulers to maintain democracy, we will all die disappointed and bitter."

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