Saturday, July 18, 2009


What a crap by wish me SEMOGA BERBAHAGIA...even they know i m not happy. Totally annoying and 'bs' but at least they remember me. Alhamdulillah, even is hurt but i m happy...

Don't you know that misery loves company
Yeah I heard, that misery was looking for me
Happiness is a face that don't look good on me
Yeah I heard, that misery comes looking for me
Woah, misery's my company
Woah, misery is looking for me
Looking for me

The hands are up now
Everybody's singing, everybody's moving
They've programmed their feelings
They're synchronizing and criticizing
Don't feel bad keep your sadness alive


khaLifah feDi said...

emm sabar lh bro..mebe blm masanya..tunggu saje..!!!

John Iverson said...

Why bro? I know the feeling...

Nagaperang said...

tgh sabar lah nie. makasih

john iverson~
hmm..maybe. thank r