Monday, August 24, 2009

Demi Masa

"Slush funds are of course approved by Parliament. But no details are tabled in Parliament. A lump-sum budget of a few hundred million Ringgit would be approved by Parliament and those managing this ‘special fund’ need not offer any details of how the money is spent. Invariably, the money spent would all be in cash so that no records would ever exist. The few hundred million just ‘disappears’ with no questions asked and no account on how it is spent"~ petikan dari the Corridors of power

"Sesungguhnya pembaziran itu amalan syaitan.."

Setelah aku menjelajah bumi malaysia ini kecuali di selatan, aku dapati byk yg indah rupa dari khabar... mgkn ada yg berubah tapi tiada siapa yg tahu untuk apa ia berubah

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